About US

Cruizers Academy

Cruizers Academy is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization pioneering a new approach to youth soccer development. Embarking on an innovative journey, leveraging soccer as a catalyst for social change and reshaping the landscape of youth soccer development. Cruizers Academy goes beyond the ordinary, aspiring to shape individuals with a broader perspective. Our comprehensive program, grounded in a unique philosophy, places a paramount focus on nurturing life skills, seamlessly integrating academics, and fostering deep community engagement. Envision a future where our players not only excel in sports but emerge as leaders, armed with resilience and character to navigate life’s complexities

Uncover Personal Growth

For every young athlete gracing our fields, Cruizers Academy is more than a club; it is a space for personal growth and self-discovery. Our innovative life skills curriculum extends beyond the soccer pitch, ensuring players cultivate qualities that transcend the realm of sports.

The Academy’s core social values—Integrity, Empathy, Respect, Discipline, and Humbleness —serve as the foundation, molding individuals who proudly wear the Modesto Cruizers jersey with confidence, discipline, and a profound sense of purpose.

Community Enrichment

Envision the transformative impact of our club on the community. It goes beyond soccer skills, providing a safe haven for children to learn life lessons. MCA aspires to be a dynamic hub for personal development, nurturing a sense of belonging and community engagement.


Through our program, kids refine not only their athletic abilities but also gain essential tools to navigate life’s challenges. We invite you to be a part of this positive ripple effect, influencing families and communities by instilling values that transcend beyond the soccer field.

Our Methodology

At the core of our player development philosophy lies the captivating 1v1 Academy Curriculum, a meticulously crafted program developed by Rudy Gonzalez, a UEFA Licensed Coach. This curriculum is the result of many years dedicated to studying soccer in Europe, extensive participation in soccer conferences, and countless hours observing academy coaches lead their practices in renowned institutions such as FC Barcelona, Espanyol, Real Betis, Sevilla, and Athletic de Bilbao, among others.

This curriculum was meticulously structured into various sections, addressing pivotal aspects of player development, and outlining the overarching methodology of our Soccer Program.


While technical skills hold importance, equal emphasis is placed on instilling social values, building character, and nurturing a profound understanding of the significance of community and the imperative for social change.